You aren’t anonymous on the internet

After sharing my first post I’ve gotten some really great feedback from friends and family. I’d like to thank those of you that have been so supportive. It’s no secret that I’m shy and aren’t exceptionally comfortable with putting myself out there. This was a big step and I knew it would open up a can of worms to cyberbullying. Typically I’d just ignore it, but said user commented again after I didn’t respond and trash talked my boyfriend. While he’s more than capable of defending himself, he doesn’t blog and has no interest in the blogger sphere. As stated in a previous post, I will always stand up for the people I love. I’d hate to be a hypocrite like “LiarLiar14” said. And yes this is ironic since I’m now using them as an example. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to show how to apply one of those lessons.

First off, everything on the internet is permanent. Say you tweet something rude and then delete it, someone probably has a screenshot of it still. Secondly to comfort my mom (she hates the web), sites like WordPress have come remarkable ways to help you protect yourself from anonymous predators. For instance, I can control whether or not my post are private. I can also control who comments. Continue reading


22 Lessons I Learned Before Turning 22

Something my sorority diamond family does each year is have the graduating member of the family pass down the biggest lessons they’ve learned over the years and senior advice. As I went through and wrote this out I realized these are things that most college girls would benefit from hearing. I’ve learned a lot of things in college through my mistakes that I wish I could have avoided. Here are some of the hardest lessons I’ve had to learn my four years or I’ve watched my friends learn.

            1. A few close friends are more valuable than a hundred mediocre friends.

You don’t need everyone to be your friend. All you need is a couple of trustworthy, kindhearted people who will support you through your endeavors, even your late night mistakes. On the same note, you don’t need everyone to like you so don’t try. Just be honest to yourself and the right people will stick around. Even your closets friends will let you down at some point. Forgive them. Continue reading