You aren’t anonymous on the internet

After sharing my first post I’ve gotten some really great feedback from friends and family. I’d like to thank those of you that have been so supportive. It’s no secret that I’m shy and aren’t exceptionally comfortable with putting myself out there. This was a big step and I knew it would open up a can of worms to cyberbullying. Typically I’d just ignore it, but said user commented again after I didn’t respond and trash talked my boyfriend. While he’s more than capable of defending himself, he doesn’t blog and has no interest in the blogger sphere. As stated in a previous post, I will always stand up for the people I love. I’d hate to be a hypocrite like “LiarLiar14” said. And yes this is ironic since I’m now using them as an example. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to show how to apply one of those lessons.

First off, everything on the internet is permanent. Say you tweet something rude and then delete it, someone probably has a screenshot of it still. Secondly to comfort my mom (she hates the web), sites like WordPress have come remarkable ways to help you protect yourself from anonymous predators. For instance, I can control whether or not my post are private. I can also control who comments.
Screenshot (139)

Now lets say for instance I want to know more about this person who’s commenting. I can trace this person’s IP address really easily with a site my older brother taught me about in high school called uTrace and I can know where they’re posting. It’s incredibly easy to use and free!

Screenshot (142)



WordPress also provides me with commenter’s email address and their WordPress site. It appears this blog was created just to be able to comment on my post and contains no posts. Another thing WordPress provides me with is the Whois link. Whois provides me with more of the technical aspects. The screenshot bellow provides me with the internet provider. Most of the time this won’t be too helpful because a lot of people use the same providers; however, in this case Pavlov is a less popular company and is typically used at apartment complexes like the one I live at. Screenshot (140)


I I know this is probably more investigation than someone would traditionally do but I wanted to share with everyone that you aren’t anonymous just because you don’t use your name. The internet can be exceptionally creepy. I was able to guess who the person was just by the comment and their email (though you can easily lie about your email), but this just confirmed what I thought. Guess this is just one of the unbelievable lessons you learn. I’m sharing this comment to show that not everyone will like you. Some people will take every chance they get to try to make you just as miserable as them. It’s much better to just ignore the negativity around you. Some people have nothing better to do. Let that be their problem and go on with your life like they don’t exist.


29 thoughts on “You aren’t anonymous on the internet

    • Thank you!
      Through my cyber research I was able to get a pretty good idea of who the troll was. I would have just let it go but what was said in regards to my boyfriend crossed the line. I don’t believe in letting innocent bystanders get harmed in someone’s out lash. If I hadn’t had a personal connection to the poster I would have just ignored it. 🙂


  1. Great post. It is true there are way too many trolls on the internet and they seem to get emboldened by the anonymity offered by platforms like this.
    I learned a lot from you, Thanks.
    Welcome to Word press 🙂


  2. That Utrace is good information. Hopefully, I’ll never feel the urge to track a troll, but it’s good to know in what ways a stalker could get a hold of my information.

    I am also not comfortable with sharing too much personal information on the internet. Which is probably why my instinct is to say something about when you’re doing screen shots on your computer, you might want to past it into paint (or whatever equivalent program you have, if you’re on a MAC) and crop out anything that is not important.


  3. One of the best and worst things about the internet is how anonymous you can be. For me I find it gives me much greater freedom of speech than normally have. I know if people aren’t interested in a certain topic, then they just won’t read my blog. The blogging world is a wonderful one for all us crazies to connect.


    • I’m terrified about what my future holds! In today’s society nothing is for certain. I hope I can help ease your mind though as I try and figure this new world out.


  4. You are getting a standing ovation from me! This is brilliant, and thank you, because a lot of bloggers (okay, me) didn’t know that these options are available. You get a high five! (And I found you because of OM’s re-blog. 🙂 )

    Liked by 1 person

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  6. That was one of the best responses to that sort of a situation I have ever seen. Well done and I’m so pleased you put this up as I know some people can be overwhelmed when people start attacking them at a personal level rather than debating the ideas of a post. I don’t expect others to agree with me but I do expect them to act with a measure of respect and will cut off those where it becomes obvious they are only interested in trying to be hurtful and unkind. Glad I followed the link from OM to here I do like your blog.


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