Move back in with the parents or move into an apartment?

I apologize for taking so long to write another post. Between graduation, moving and preparing for my new job I have been preoccupied and all over the place.

With that being said, I’ve had many people question my decision to not move back in w my parents even though my new job is located in the same town as them. It’s not the path that many of my peers have taken and even I’ve questioned my choice from time to time; however, I’m confident that this is the right decision for me. I’d like to share my decision process in hopes that it might help other recent graduates and future ones.

First off,  I asked myself where I’d be happiest- living with my parents again vs. living in an apartment.
For me the clear answer was at an apartment.  Don’t get me wrong,  I adore my parents. They’re a huge support system for me and we have a great relationship, but I’m a very independent person. I have my way of doing things. They have their own way. I’ve lived apart from them for four years and developed my own way of living. I know that if I was to move back in with my parents we would constantly but heads. I don’t want to risk the relationship we’ve got when it’s preventable.

After deciding I’d be happiest living at my own apartment I had to be realistic.  Could I actually afford my own place that would meet my high expectations?
Not only did I need to budget for an apartment but I needed to include utility bills, food bills (since I wouldn’t be mooching off of Mom and Dad), internet bills (because God knows I would go crazy without it), vet bills, food bills and pet policy fees for my dog, and renters insurance.  Not to mention social security and taxes that will be deducted out of my paycheck,  as welk as my company’s employee benefits that also get deducted from my pay. I sat down did ALL the numbers (I hate math) and included any emergency fees such as emergency vet visits. Turns out I’m a very fortunate postgrad.

Everyone says they’re moving in with their parents to save money. Am I making a mistake?
This was my biggest concern. Was I hindering my future financially? I decided no. My parents have pounded into me the importance of saving. One of the benefits that the company I work for is a 401K plan and I fully plan on utilizing this. Not just that, I also have a savings account and factored into my monthly expenses setting aside savings too.

I’d like to throughout a huge thank you to my incredible parents for supporting my decision and helping me adapt to being an “independent.” As well as a big thanks to my boyfriend for supporting me through these last few world wind weeks and for helping me move in!

*Because of company policy, I will not disclose where I am working. After all this is a personal blog,  not a company one ๐Ÿ™‚

**Upcoming post topics include: how to pick the right apartment complex, long distance relationships, and surving without Mommy and Daddy’s paycheck.


2 thoughts on “Move back in with the parents or move into an apartment?

  1. Hey Maddy, remember me? ๐Ÿ™‚
    I enjoyed reading your post. You and I share a similar perspective on moving out. I don’t have the money to move out yet, but needless to say, once my bank account affords me the opportunity, I’m snatching it up, even if my family lives in Augusta.

    I’m proud of you for graduating. I miss you and look forward to catching up sometime. Keep up the interesting and engaging posts. Please read my sports blog if you get the chance, or share it for me. Sorry, had to get my blog plug in there. Take care Madison.


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